First outting and trial run...

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First outting and trial run...

Post by Mayhem75 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:10 pm

Well yesterday I took the armor out for a spin. I am almost done with the build, still need to do the TD. So I went out TD-less. Well I was out for a hour and a half to Clawson's DDA Trick-or-Treasure. It is a time the kids and parents trick or treat the local businesses. It is the first time I took the armor out in the sun light and in public. I will say it was the one of the best times I have ever had! Both kids and parents enjoyed it but of course not as much as me. The reactions of the kids was priceless. I went into a shop (Leon and Lulu) that insisted I come in and take a picture with Chairbacca - which is for sale on ebay for charity. I only wish that I could have stayed for the whole time but I had to leave half way due to I had to coach my daughter's soccer game. Well over all the armor held up well and only a few tweeks needed and of course the TD. I hope to submit for 501st approval soon.

What an AWESOME time and can't wait to troop with a group!

Here is a link to the pics please feel free to comment any observation of improvements are welcome. ... 2010272012


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