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SOLD- ESB TK hand guards and helmet stickers

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:50 pm
by Obi-Ron
I originally bought an ESB TK kit from ATA armor works, but I switched to ANH. Never used these hand guards - I began trimming one, but did not touch the hand guard, itself. Both are in excellent condition. $10 each, plus shipping. Buyer pays PayPal G&S fees unless you want F&F.

Full disclosure on the sticker sheet. Again, I never used them because I switched to ANH, but I had a flood in my basement, and the stickers got wet. I cleaned and dried them off, and they appear to still be in good shape. However, I can not guarantee how effective they are. They still look fine, but impossible to tell. $10 plus same charges as the hand guards.


I still have a complete Anovos TK kit, completely untrimmed for sale. That is on a separate posting here.