2015 501st Charity Report

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2015 501st Charity Report

Post by Muppet-Trooper »

The Legion Charity report is now available and may be distributed publicly.
We can use the following link to distribute for promotional purposes:


The photo used on Legion PR will be:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3j5J ... 1hTSW5wbHc

You may use this photo on your own social media, ie, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

May I take this time to remind you all that when attending a charity event, to please notify me afterwards (either in the event thread or PM me).

I need to know event, date, charity, amount raised (or gifts given, ie Toys For Tots), hours attended, and who attended the event.

Also a small write up of the event would be beneficial with any photographs from the event. This information is uploaded to the main 501st charity tracking document, which they share with LFL/Disney.

Thanks again for all those who help raise money and support charities at our events :thumbs:
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