Stormtrooper build / purchase

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Stormtrooper build / purchase

Post by Mac72 »

Looking to build or purchase stormtrooper armor (ANH but probably ESB). Any pointers or where should I begin to look? Also I heard there were armor parties? Or people who might do builds that would be better or more economical than the out of the box stuff? (or is this all crud that I've read on the internet that I shouldn't?). Help a girl out? :)

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Re: Stormtrooper build / purchase

Post by DeafTrooper »

Register for the forums at There, you can find out who the good vendors are to get kits from, who to avoid and how to assemble it all.
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Re: Stormtrooper build / purchase

Post by Mix »

We have a member who just put hers up for sale.

Her screen name on here is QdobaFett. Shoot her a PM!
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