Marche du Nain Rouge - Episode 7 (Parade in Detroit)

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Marche du Nain Rouge - Episode 7 (Parade in Detroit)

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Greetings from 'The Slacker' (seriously, I need to change my user name).

I was asked about 501st participation in this years 7th Annual Marche du Nain Rouge Parade in Downtown Detroit, and I asked the folks to submit a formal request via the formal channels, which I was told they did do... but I'd might as well put the word out here too.

This is the public Facebook event page for the parade this year (March 20th)

This years theme is Star Wars (Le Rouge Awakens... have you smelt it?)

There is a webpage as well, and I was informed the organization is now an non-profit (not really sure how/what applies, but, there it is).

Finally, an email from the event organizer, as follows:

"Hi All -

I apologize to contact you directly. I have also made an online inquiry regarding the 501st and potentially making an appearance at this year's Marche du Nain Rouge, in Midtown Detroit. We had made another request previously, and I wanted to follow up especially with someone this year, because our theme is a take off of Star Wars. We are looking to possibly feature the Nain as a Stormtrooper, and would absolutely love it if the Nain could have some major support from the 501st.

Can you help put me in touch with someone who would be able to discuss this idea and opportunity. I think it would be an awesome visual and memorable experience for all involved.

Many Thanks

Francis Grunow"

I personally have not yet been to the parade, but I'm told it's a big hit, and steadily growing every year. Also, I was told that costumers would be provided a changing area, and food/snacks/refreshments (I'm sure there are some other logistics to cover).

If this sounds like anything interesting, I can provide organizers contact info, unless this has already come in through the main 501st page.

Keep on troopin'!

-Pete, TD-0471 (soon TK-0471 again, ha!)... the Slacker
"Slacker!" <-- it's true
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